Historically “slow and steady” has been the default recommendation from health professionals when it comes to weight loss.

In reality though, when someone wants to lose weight, they generally want to lose it quickly and indeed in recent years weight loss recommendations have changed slightly as research has emerged to show that relatively quick weight loss is predictive of weight loss success.

This means that dropping a few kilos quickly, and seeing a result on the scales within a few days, as opposed to a few weeks, appears highly motivating, encouraging us to continue with any diet and exercise changes adopted.


Doubling your vegetable intake each day will help to reduce your overall energy intake per meal.

When it comes to fast weight loss, the key is to opt for strategies that are evidence based, and ultimately sustainable, so that even weight lost quickly can be maintained.

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So, if you want to get rid of a few pesky kilos as soon as possible, here are the easiest, and scientifically sound ways to do it.

Find your focus

It takes a couple of days following a lower calorie diet to burn through your fuel stores and induce weight loss. This means that to achieve a significant drop on the scales you need a good period of time, or at least five to seven days of relatively strict eating.

This also explains why a few days of strict eating can quickly be negated by extra eating over the weekend and result in no weight change over the course of …….

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