We are constantly told that bread is bad for your waistline, but it turns out it can actually help you lose the kilos – provided you buy the right bread.

That bread is rye, which is naturally high in fibre. One slice of rye bread has about two grams of fibre.

A study led by Kia Nøhr Iversen, researcher at the Division of Food and Nutrition Science at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, found rye is a better choice than wheat for weight loss.

The study, published in the scientific journal Clinical Nutrition, is the largest study yet designed to evaluate the effects of particular types of grains on body weight and body fat, and the first study to focus specifically on rye.

It featured 242 overweight men and women between the ages of 30 and 70 who were randomly assigned carefully adjusted daily amounts of refined wheat or whole grain rye products with the same energy value.

Rye the clear winner

All participants also received the same general advice on healthy eating from a dietitian. The participants were examined at the start of the study, halfway through, and at 12 weeks, when the study ended.

“The results were clear – the participants who received rye products lost more weight overall, and their levels of body fat decreased compared to those who received wheat products,” said Kia Nøhr Iversen, researcher at the Division of Food and Nutrition University of Technology, and lead author of the study.

The researchers attribute this to the high fibre in the bread trapping some of the calories, particularly fat, and making it unavailable for absorption by the body. This fibre is also beneficial for the gut, as it keeps you fuller for longer, which can be helpful for healthy weight management.

With obesity and excess weight among the biggest health challenges in the world, it’s good news for carb lovers.

Source: https://www.agedcare101.com.au/the-donaldson-sisters/eating-bread-helps-you-lose-weight-but-only-a-certain-type-of-loaf%E2%80%8B/

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