PCOS can lead to symptom like weight gain, hair fall, acne and irregular periods

Losing weight with a syndrome like Polycystic Ovarian Disorder (PCOD) is a real challenge. Atleast one in five women (20%) Indian women suffer from PCOD and if not diagnosed on time, it can present a serious impact on a woman’s body. The condition usually starts with hormonal imbalance which causes metabolic dysfunction, affecting the ability of a woman to lose weight. Additionally, it is an inflammatory condition that can causepolycystic ovaries, irregular periods, hirsutism (abnormal hair growth on unwanted areas), obesity and fertility issues.

Furthermore, women with PCOD have high chances of developing type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and issues associated with stress and anxiety. While the condition makes it difficult for women to lose weight, shedding even 5% of the unwanted fat can improve the symptoms of PCOD.

Since PCOD arise out of a poor lifestyle, it can be managed by emphasizing a low carb – high protein diet with physical exercise. Here are a few tips that can help in managing PCOD the right way.

PCOS awareness month: Follow these tips to manage symptoms and weight loss

1. Reduce refined carb and sugar

Intake of carbohydrates has a direct impact on insulin levels. Managing insulin levels is necessary for balancing sugar levels as well as storing energy in the body. It is necessary for women with PCOD to reduce the intake of refined carbs and artificial sugar. Carbs such as white bread, maida, pasta, cookies, etc. can make your blood sugar levels rise or fall quickly. This increases the hunger and cravings for more refined carbs. Also, giving up carb intake crashes blood sugar, making the body want more carbs. That means PCOD women should add complex carbs such as vegetables, raw fruits, whole grains, legumes, quinoa and brown rice to keep the stomach fuller for longer.

Choose fibre-rich fruits over refined grains
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2. Eat the right amount of protein

Protein and fats are essential for satiety in women with PCOD. Protein helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels and satisfied hunger hormones. A high protein diet helps in reducing cravings, boosting metabolism and burning calories. It is recommended for women with PCOD to …….

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