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On Tuesday, November 2, WATE ABC (via Living East Tennessee) Dr. Jessica Smiley told viewers about her latest rapid weight-loss program called SOZA Weight Loss.

She refers to her own personal experience along with a review in the New England Journal which looked at numerous studies and concluded that you would be more successful in losing weight and keeping it off by doing it faster rather than slower. “It’s all about the initial rapid weight loss, which is very motivating, and the ability to capitalize on it. Studies have shown that rapid weight-loss programs have many advantages over conventional diet programs,” says Dr. Smiley.

However, Dr. Smiley reiterated that not all rapid weight-loss programs are created equal, which is why she supports the SOZA Weight-Loss program. “A well-rounded program is about eating real foods, learning new habits, using supplements where helpful and providing accountability,” she explained.

The SOZA Weight-Loss program is advertised as a holistic and all-natural structured rapid weight-loss program with healthcare providers across the country offering its 60-day weight-loss kit. Its approach is to provide a rapid and sustainable weight-loss program to help people lose weight fast and get healthy quicker.

Gus Bouari, Growth Manager at SOZA Weight Loss and Senior Health Coach, stated, “According to the CDC, a startling almost three-quarters of Americans are either overweight or obese – problems that can lead to type 2 diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, fatty liver disease, heart disease, and stroke. To make matters worse, the shocking outbreak of the recent pandemic proves being overweight can now be life-threatening; being at a healthy weight is no longer just about looking good. If rapid weight loss can help people kick-start their weight loss journey and contribute to keeping it off, which is even better, then I see our program as a responsibility to bring to the community.”

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SOZA Weight Loss is a wellness-driven company promoting …….

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