Few subjects are as misunderstood as women, food and hormones. Like so many women, I lost the ability to manage my weight easily in my 30s. Looking back, this was probably caused by a combination of toxic stress, the demands of motherhood and getting older.

But the experience inspired me to shift my career as a doctor from gynaecology to precision medicine, specialising in hormones. As a result, over the past 15 years I’ve been able to help so many women who came to me feeling overtired, cranky, frazzled and — inevitably — lamenting the extra pounds they had put on, despite their best efforts to exercise and eat correctly.

More often than not, these issues start when women enter midlife. Those holiday pounds become harder to shed. The diets you turned to in the past just don’t seem to deliver results any more.

Even more disheartening, diets that work for the men in your life don’t seem to have the same effect for you.

Dr Sara Gottfried (pictured) has devised a new hormone-focused diet, specially for midlife women, that promises to shift excess pounds

You may be surprised to learn that the solution cannot be found by counting calories or clocking up miles on the treadmill. It lies, instead, in understanding female hormones.

After years of research, I have devised a new hormone-focused diet, tailored specially for midlife women, that promises not only to shift those excess pounds but to allow you finally to feel like yourself again.

Why do women get middle-age spread?

Your metabolism is the sum of all the biochemical reactions in your body, including those related to hormones, which dictate how you feel and determine how fast or slow you burn calories.

And as we get older, the whole process slows down.

Metabolic hormones are involved in thousands of micro-communications and processes in the body. They include the hormones involved in satiety (leptin, insulin); hunger (ghrelin, cortisol); female qualities (oestrogen); more masculine qualities (testosterone, which controls vitality and muscle mass); and fat-burning (insulin, growth hormone and cortisol).

Weight can start …….

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