While it might be tempting to jump on board with a diet that promises quick results–especially before the holidays or a  vacation–doctors warn that the psychological effects of doing so could far outweigh the immediate benefits.

“Even when weight loss or a certain aesthetic may be the goal, I believe that a brain-healthy diet is also a body-healthy diet,” Harvard trained nutritional psychiatrist Dr. Uma Naidoo explains. “After all, our body runs because of our brain.”

Not only can these diets contribute to digestive issues, mood drops, worsened blood glucose control, and other bodily harm, there’s also the psychological component, she warns. “Any diet that is too restrictive may contribute to paradoxical weight gain, non-adherence to an eating plan, and poor enjoyment of our food.”

Here are some of the fad diets she urges clients to avoid–and what to rules to follow instead:

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Carnivore Diet

Diets that are devoid of plant foods, aka carnivore diets, have become trendier in recent years–but Dr. Naidoo encourages clients to avoid them because of the fiber content of plants. “I do not recommend giving up all plant foods in our diet,” she warns. “Plant foods are the only source of dietary fiber, which is exceedingly beneficial to the gut, the brain, and their mental health-mediating connection,” she advises.

“I encourage a varied diet founded on principles of moderation for the best body and brain outcomes,” she suggests instead of a diet that is tipped entirely one way or the other.

Detox Diets With Teas Or Vinegar

“Wellness teas,” that are touted on Instagram may have a lot of celebrity endorsements–but little from the medical community, Dr. Naidoo warns. “To date, there isn’t compelling research to suggest a particular benefit of detox products on weight loss or energy, and some reports even suggest a risk of bodily harm,” she says.

The body has a state of natural detoxification, “thanks to our gut, kidneys, and liver.” Skip the supplements or restrictive diets, and let your body do what it was meant to do, naturally. Always choose whole foods “that support a healthy gut to optimize the body’s own detoxification and elimination properties,” rather than resorting to wellness …….

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