My Breakfast: I usually enjoy having Pro-Oats (Oats with water and protein). It tastes good and gives me a good amount of macros. But after some time, to accelerate results, I started intermittent fasting so I skipped breakfast.

My lunch : Starting with salad Cucumber, tomato and onion. Then Dal and 1 roti (Jowar) usually I avoid wheat. And a green vegetable. That makes the perfect macro as I am a vegetarian.

Dinner : Vegetable soup, Soya Chunks and rice that gives me a perfect amount of protein carbs and fats. Some days Chickpeas, Rajma, etc.

Pre workout meal : Pro oats or bananas etc

Post workout : Protein Shake with / without banana.

What I would have on my cheat days: I used to follow cheat meals, not cheat days wherein only with one meal, I used to eat everything I want. Pizzas, samosa, Chole bhature, Punjabi, Chinese etc. No limit / moderation. Eat how much quantity you want . But for only 1 meal.

Low calorie recipes I liked a lot : moong Dal dosa, hummus ( chickpeas- protein) , Rajma chawal ( perfect measured quantity) so that it can fit in my calories.


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